ENFit™ in practice (including adapters & compatibility)

1. Which loose adaptors will be made available?

See the overview on the next slide. All 7 adapters are available as loose adapters and packed by 5 (total of 30 in a box, 1 trade unit).
Adapters will be available for CBU’s as of early Q3 2015.

2. Which ones are standard on the transition set?

The ENLock as well as the UK (NPSA) ENFit™ transition sets will have 2 adapters. 1 adapter is screwed standard on the medication port and 1 adapter is screwed standard on the feeding set ending. For the regular transition feeding sets (ENLock) that are (589732 and 589738). For the UK/NPSA transition sets this are (589733 and 589735).

3. Where can I find more information about adapters?

Please see the Adapter explanation PPT which has been shared as part of the launch package. This presentation gives a full overview about adapter compatibility as well as a related forecast guidance.